Monday, July 28, 2014

Peanut Ball

Many pregnant women are familiar with the classic "birth" ball (basically just a fitness ball) prenatally or during labor. It is great for opening the pelvic floor and getting the baby in a good position. Many women also think it is more comfortable during contractions and labor on it the whole time.

A new type of "ball" that is used in labor is the peanut ball. It is great for using in the bed to open the pelvis and make labor more comfortable. Since it is used in the bed, this ball is great for moms who choose an epidural, but still want to take advantage of effective position changes.

Ask your care provider if they have the peanut ball the birthing environment where they practice. For more information about the peanut ball, check out this video:

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Catonsville Birth, Baby and Family Expo

I recently represented Informed Birth Choices at the Birth, Baby and Family Expo in Catonsville located at Bay State Chiropractic. It was a beautiful day with tons of vendors ranging from Prenatal massage to the YMCA of Catonsville. After being there, I was delighted to realize that there is a great birth and baby community right here in the heart of Catosnville. There are many child birth classes, prenatal yoga, acupuncture, chiropractors, and doulas in our local area. Although this was the first expo of this kind in Catonsville and therefore not highly attended, my hope is that next year people will realize the resources that they have right in their backyard.

Here are some of the vendors in attendance:

Bay State Chiropractic
Happy Family Organic
Luz de la Luna
Informed Birth Choices

Short Documentary on Rising C-section Rates in the US

I recently stumbled on this short documentary done by the New Yorker on the rising C-section rate in the US. Following one woman's story, it identifies some causes of the soaring rate of C-sections, offers hope in VBAC, and shows the rewards of natural childbirth. This piece also promotes the use of a doula during labor and childbirth.