Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Free Breastpumps??

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A Little Catch Up

Well...it has been a while since my last post! And boy has a lot happened...

October 1st: Attended my third and final certifying birth. It was about a 12 hour labor with a vaginal birth and my client had a girl. Since my client had an epidural very early on in her labor, I learned that a doula is as much an emotional support as physical one.

October 8th: I started accepting clients through a doula group called Informed Birth Choices. This group will allow us to provide a continuum of care since the founder of the group also teaches childbirth classes, so she has lots of prospective parents seeking out doula, which allows for them to have a doula with the same philosophy that Danielle offers in her classes. I am very excited about this new group!

October 26th: Baltimore Bike Party. My husband and I dressed like the "Birds and the Bees"...just something fun to throw in there :)

November 1st: I signed up for a Certified Lactation Counselor course through the Healthy Children's Project. I am very excited for this 5 day class, and the best thing is, that it's in Gettysburg. Part of my family lives there...can you stay "free lodging"?!

November 9th:  I had the privilege of attending the birth of another friend, which was my fourth birth. My friend's water broke sometime on the evening of Nov. 7th. So the next morning she went into the hospital and started on pitocin. She labored for 12 hours on pitocin, but after failure to progress and approaching the 36 hour mark of her water being broken, she had a c-section. She gave birth to a baby girl! I learned that it is good to have a plan and be very prepared for labor (while on pitocin I got to see her get into her labor groove), but sometimes things don't go your way and can be disappointing. I am so happy that they have a very healthy and beautiful baby! Thank you for allowing me to be a part of a very special time in your lives!

(permission to post from parents)

Now: I am preparing to attend my fifth birth and my first home birth. My next client's due date is November 19th. I am very excited and a little nervous. I am really looking forward to working with  home birth midwives and experiencing a home birth.